Ciklum CTO


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Chief Technical Office is the most innovative unit of Ciklum, providing unique expertise and consultancy in Big Data &Analytics, Research and Development, as well as DevOps services. We create advanced solutions for entire Ciklum and its clients and accumulate world-class expertise, solving real-world problems that impact millions of people in areas such as: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, VR/AR and many others.

Our main principles are:
People are over processes and hierarchy.
Flat and open collaboration/communication.
Explorer increases creativity and brings more value to business.
Investing to people and innovations ensures your future.
Reuse and share your experience – develop best practices, publicize and follow them.

Facts about Ciklum CTO

  • Big Data & Analytics: 2.5 years of stunning success with various projects in Data Mining Data Processing Data Architecture and Visualization;
  • Unique professional community of 16 Data Scietists, Data Engineers and Business Intelligence specialist with advanced degrees/PhDs in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Bioinformatics or related Data Science fields.
  • DevOps Unit: 30+ exciting projects (Migration from on-premise to cloud, DevOps consulting, Monitoring and alerting, CI/CD and Automation, Performance tuning and many others);
  • 18 Resources (AWS cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud, Databases, Microservices. IoT, onitoring & Alerting tools, Big Data tools, CI/CD tools etc.);
  • 12 Certified Engineers;
  • 20+ Clients.
  • Research & Development: Team of engineering professionals with 10+ years of experience (five PhDs, two Associate Professors) with versatile domain expertise;
  • Award winning cutting-edge projects in embedded systems, Internet of Things, sensor data analytics, Big Data, hardware, firmware & software development.