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Our history
In 2001, a Dane name Jacob Wandt created e-conomic, the first cloud-based accounting software. The first market? Denmark. And the customers in focus were small to medium businesses and accountants.

As the software grew, it became apparent that a solution was needed that was better suited to freelancers and small businesses. Something that could be used easily without prior knowledge or experience in business accounting.

With this in mind, Debitoor was launched in April 2012.

Debitoor is now available in 6 languages and in over 30 countries worldwide. In 2013, e-conomic was purchased by the international investment fund HgCapital. Two years later, the Scandinavian division was sold to Visma, a leading Norwegian IT service provider.

E-conomic then split into two different companies:

E-conomic Nordic, owned by Visma, is active in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and Eastern Europe.
Debitoor ECI, still owned by HgCapital, markets the accounting software Debitoor to the markets of the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France.

Facts about Debitoor

  • Debitoor is easy-to-use online invoicing software providing invoice templates and simple accounting tools to meet the needs of freelancers and small business owners.
  • We build our business on two simple rules: make your customers happy and trust your colleagues to make the best decision.
  • We create a meaningful, dynamic environment for our dedicated Debitoor team.
  • We are prototyping new ideas, learning to master the latest technologies and working on making the Debitoor application even easier to use.
  • We work in an inspiring environment to achieve our goals, with flexible working hours, in-house canteen, healthy office space and fun social events.