Open positions

Ravnur is small, aggressive and focused on delivering the best technology available. Global companies such as Warner Brothers, Xerox, eBay, Microsoft and Air New Zealand depend on Ravnur to deliver video to their employees and partners around the world. Cognitive services are the cutting edge of video technology. A position with Ravnur gives you the opportunity to work with the latest technologies such as face and emotion recognition, object recognition in videos, machine learning, and other cognitive services that power Ravnur solutions for the world’s largest media companies.

Ravnur develops and sells video content management and delivery software solutions to large (greater than 10,000 employees) corporate and government customers. Ravnur’s headquarters are in the US and its development center is in Munich Germany. The Ravnur Enterprise Video Platform is written primarily in .net C# and is based on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud environment, which gives it the degree of flexibility, reliability and global reach that customers need. Ravnur’s main focus is on fulfilling the corporate customer’s needs around internal video on demand.

Facts about Ravnur

  • Modern technologies
  • Agile environment
  • Openness for innovations