Mobile Team Lead for New Ciklum Client (Kyiv)



On behalf of our new client, Ciklum is looking for a Mobile Team Lead to join Kyiv team on a full-time basis.

We are looking for a Mobile Team Lead who has a passion for creating, testing and delivering world class products, to join our awesome Tech team. This is a high profile role with the opportunity to make a significant impact across the business.

You will lead one of the Scrum Development team and work on the main applications.

In this role, you will be a driving force in the engineering development of client’s product. You will take the lead of the Web Development Team, help your teammates to resolve complex problems, and work closely with Product, Data, DevOps, QA and Design Teams.

You will leave every day knowing you made a difference.


  • As a Mobile Team Lead, you and your team will be responsible for looking after the continuous integration and delivery processes best practices. These best practices when implemented will be used to facilitate product delivery and allow developers to deploy code in a reliable way.
  • Work closely with Product Managers to ensure that delivery and quality expectations are clearly understood.
  • Become the trusted authority in Tech matters, with a strong evidence-based case for why a release is ready to ship.
  • Be able to execute tests in an effective manner, balancing the need for some documentation with the need for delivery in a small team.
  • Clarify ambiguous scope; you should be one of the team members who can spot requirements that are open to different interpretations.
  • Ensure that your releases have the right level of test coverage, including unit, functional and performance tests.
  • Be a leader in ensuring the team collectively take responsibility for doing the right thing for platform’s quality.
  • Mentor less experienced team members in all Tech matters, including writing code following state of the art best practices.
  • This will enable the efficient control and overall operation of our E-Commerce Platform. Our client believes that when engineers create software they should own and operate their components in production too.
  • This will mean teams are encouraged to continually improve them to create a more robust platform. You and your team will define standards to support our product delivery teams so they are confident in deploying their code and provide the necessary automation to ship code and create the infrastructure to production in a fast and reliable manner.
  • In this role you will be asked to work with multiple other teams too, Data, DevOps QA and Web.
  • Product Definition – contributes to the definition of product features, getting involved in workshops with other engineering teams and Product Managers
  • Technical Ownership – consistently produces high quality software which fits the team’s expectations and best practices
  • Continuous improvement – ensures continuous improvements by proposing and implementing new processes, designs and engineering practices that make the team more effective
  • Tracking Progress – tracks the progress being made towards the wider goals of the team, and transparently communicates this with the team, our Tech Ops Lead and CTPO
  • As a Senior member of your team, you’ll need to demonstrate the following principles:
    • No limits, just opportunities: Design and build great software, look beyond the limits
    • Caring matters : Help, support, coach and empower your teammates
    • Faster, Better, Simpler: Move fast with confidence, Secure, Stable, Scalable, fast and reliable platform
    • Share everywhere: Share ideas, concept, information, pitch, stand
    • Build together: Empower your colleagues, build Trust, Keep control and offer Transparency
    • Work as a game: Scale efficiency in a great working atmosphere
    • Learn to learn: Stay in touch with the next technologies and trends


  • 5+ years as a Mobile Developer, Team Lead (Android or iOS)
  • 3+ years’ experience with Agile Scrum, managing small teams
  • Engineering production-ready software
  • Working within a high-transactional e-commerce business
  • Strong Mobile Stack experience: Android or iOS
  • Experience working with legacy code
  • Knowledge of current design practices
  • Understanding REST principles
  • Understanding of typical platform performance measures
  • Good knowledge of GIT vcs
  • Knowledge of functional testing
  • Understanding of typical platform performance measures
  • Ability to execute performance tests and interpret results
  • Knowledge of functional testing
  • Knowledge of production log generation and analysis
  • Curiosity and desire to learn new technologies
  • Product-oriented mindset and customer satisfaction as first objective
  • Like to care, help, train and coach others
  • Fluent in English

Client’s technical stack:

  • Android apps are entirely written in Kotlin
  • IOS apps are entirely written in Swift 3 (+Xcode 9)
  • They are currently switching from a REST API to a GraphQL API
  • For that migration we’re switching from Retrofit to Apollo
  • PHP7, VueJS, MariaDB, ES, Redis, Varnish hosted on AWS stack
  • Scrum with 7 days sprints and classic Product process (from Grooming, Planning/Prio, Daily stand-ups, Demos, QA, Release, Follow-up, Retro)
  • Event oriented platform with Dataviz on: Tableau, Amplitude, GA, Superset
  • Customer Interview, Design Sprint, OKR


You’ll have an advantage if you have experience of:

  • Working within an e-commerce business where reliability is critical
  • AWS
  • Mobile Payments

What's in it for you

  • The opportunity to become an authoritative voice within the engineering team of a successful and still fast growing company.
  • An environment in which good, evidence-based arguments are always listened to, and will win out. Pick your metric, set a hypothesis and prove it.
  • An open, innovative, friendly and fun environment; we have a relaxed dress code and regular social events.
  • Ability to open source code that you work on.
  • Open minded approach to development practises. We work asynchronously and use the tools we have effectively, keeping you in the zone for as long as possible.
  • All the hardware you need to get your job done.
  • The option to use open source code to solve problems. Do not reinvent the wheel.
  • A balance between adding product features and improving the code base . We hate technical debt.