Senior Automation QA Engineer for OwnID

Kyiv, Amosova, Ukraine



On behalf of OwnID, Ciklum is looking for a Senior Automation QA Engineer to join Kyiv team on a full-time basis.

We’re going to start developing Web/IOS/Android apps so we need a Senior QA Automation to help us with covering them by Automation tests.

About Client: 

We live in an era in which our lives continue to expand into the Internet. This trend will continue as more of our daily activities are done online. Currently, for each website we use we need to either create an account – which is cumbersome and requires us to have yet another password, or login with Facebook/Google – essentially trading our privacy and identity ownership for convenience. Identity is needed because this is how online services identify us and provide personalized experiences. The Internet needs an identity solution which is simple to use, secure and owned by the person who uses it.

Introducing OwnID:

OwnID is a digital identity that any individual can create and use to login to websites and apps. With OwnID, usernames and passwords are obsolete. OwnID is a decentralized identity that is owned by the individual who created and is using it. OwnID is an internal startup of a SAP.iO Studio. The project is led by two SAP Customer Data Cloud executives with decades of experience in the identity management space. OwnID is an open source project.


OwnID is a web app you run on your phone to create and use a decentralized identity. Currently, the first version we launch in Q4 2020, will offer websites to add OwnID ‘skip the password’ widget to their registration and login pages. OwnID widget allow users to have password-less login using their mobile device. Future releases will include native apps to hold identity verification proofs on the user, multi-tenancy in the back-end, GDPR services and integrations with Identity Management Systems.

Go to market:

OwnID will get exposure through SAP Customer Data Cloud’s network of websites. SAP CDC powers the login screens of thousands of websites, serving more than 1.7B identities. ID Wallet will be added as an option to the SAP CDC platform and SAP CDC clients will be able to opt-in to it. This will expose OwnID to millions of end users that will begin to use it as their online identity.


  • Get a grasp of the big picture – Integrate and orchestrate different SaaS components developed by the team (server-side, web and mobile) to mimic the usage by our clients
  • Automate a user lifecycle across the different components (Web/Mobile/API)
  • Analyze automation reports and determine QA methodology


  • 4+ years of in QA automation area
  • Web/Mobile/API testing
  • Deep understanding of testing approaches
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript
  • WDIO, Selenium WebDriver, GRID, Appium
  • Test-cases writing and execution, test design techniques

What's in it for you

  • Unique working environment where you communicate and work directly with the Client
  • Project from scratch
  • Ability to influence project technologies
  • Competitive salary
  • Dynamic and challenging tasks