Senior Data Scientist / Senior Machine Learning Engineer for Ciklum CTO (Kyiv)

Kyiv, Amosova, Ukraine


Chief Technical Office is the most innovative unit of Ciklum, providing unique expertise and consultancy in Big Data &Analytics, Research and Development, as well as DevOps services. We create advanced solutions for entire Ciklum and its clients and accumulate world-class expertise, solving real-world problems that impact millions of people in areas such as: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, VR/AR and many others.

Our main principles are:
People are over processes and hierarchy.
Flat and open collaboration/communication.
Explorer increases creativity and brings more value to business.
Investing to people and innovations ensures your future.
Reuse and share your experience - develop best practices, publicize and follow them.

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Ciklum CTO Office is looking for a talented Senior Data Scientist in Kyiv or Lviv to join the big team.

The team is working closely with R&D Department on innovative solutions for entire Ciklum and its clients.

Your primary focus will be in applying data mining techniques, enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic systems, doing statistical analysis, and building high quality prediction systems, build recommendation systems.


  • Leading/taking part in the different projects and developing internal Data Science expertise within the CTO office
  • Working with Data Engineers on data preparation for machine learning pipelines
  • Applying state-of-the-art AI methods to solve business problems
  • Performing research and developing proof of concept prototypes


  • Advanced proficiency in Python programming language
  • Strong background in math, linear algebra and statistics. Solid knowledge of algorithms, data structures and algorithmic complexity
  • Expertise in machine learning. Proven hands-on experience and familiarity with theoretical concepts of common machine learning methods and algorithms.
  • Familiarity with Python numerical operations, data structures, machine learning and visualisation libraries: numpy, pandas, sklearn, matplotlib, jupyter
  • Solid understanding of model tuning and evaluation, ability to implement complete machine learning pipelines
  • Theoretical knowledge and experience at least in one of the areas: Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Look-alike Modeling, Recommendation Systems, Anomaly Detection
  • Problem-solving skills, ability to do research tasks
  • Ability to work with different data types and formats. Data preprocessing, cleaning, feature design and generation skills
  • General knowledge of SQL
  • Ability to document properly systems functionality, code and methodology
  • Good presentational and visualization skills. Ability to describe and present results clearly, answer questions and communicate issues


  • Graduate in quantitative scientific, mathematical or engineering discipline (Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.). Advanced academic research degrees (PhD) would be a plus.
  • Proficiency in other languages relevant to data science (R, Matlab, Scala) might be a plus
  • Understanding distributed computing concepts and experience working with big data frameworks and tools: Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Impala, ElasticSearch, Solr, Ganglia
  • Understanding Deep Learning theory and experience in DL frameworks: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Theano, Keras, MXNet
  • Familiarity with Computer Vision libraries: OpenCV, dlib, scikit-image, mahotas
  • Working knowledge of cloud computing services (preferably AWS). Ability to start, stop and interact with standalone EC2 instances and/or EMR clusters, transfer data to/from them, interact with S3 or other data warehousing services in AWS, monitor resources.
  • Working knowledge of NoSQL databases might be a plus: MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB, Neo4j, Redis
  • Achievements in Kaggle competitions would be a plus
  • Generated intellectual property would be a plus (patents, academic or business journal publications, etc.)
  • Familiarity with version control (preferably Git)
  • Knowledge of Test-Driven Development concepts (TDD). Familiarity with testing in Python
  • Experience working closely with client representatives to achieve business outcomes
  • General working knowledge of agile methodologies

Personal skills

  • Working well autonomously, without close supervision, readiness to take responsibility according to position seniority level
  • Being committed to timely delivery of quality results
  • Acting as a team player and being a great communicator, both toward teammates and clients
  • Ability to mentor junior and intern teammates
  • Being Innovative in his/her work
  • Knowledge seeking, eager to develop technical skills and learn new technologies

What's in it for you

  • Career growth opportunities
  • Realization of your innovative ideas in building new Ciklum Solutions and Services
  • Friendly collaborative teams and enjoyable working environment
  • Professional skills development and training programs
  • Variety of knowledge sharing, training and self-development opportunities
  • State of the art, cool, centrally located offices with warm atmosphere which creates really good working conditions