Senior Front End Developer for Coronet

Kyiv, Amosova, Ukraine



On behalf of Coronet, Ciklum is looking for a Senior Front End Developer to join our team in Kyiv on a full-time basis.

We don’t divide responsibility for the development and operation of our platform, so you and your team will support the changes you make all the way through to operating successfully in production at peak times.

Every member of the Technology Team is responsible for:

  • The availability, security, scalability of our platform
  • Delivering our product roadmap
  • Planning for the future


About Client:

Coronet is the fastest-growing security company for small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the US. We provide security-as-a-service for SMBs powered by AI and Cloud with a cloud security platform that protects private data stored in the cloud.

So, if a company is using Office365, Google Drive, Or Dropbox, Coronet makes sure that data stays secure through multiple layers of protection.

We are one of only a few companies in the world providing this service. In just 15 months since product launch, we gained more than 2.5M users in 1,900 companies, partnering with global brands such as Dropbox, Lenovo, T-Systems among other.


Our product development teams are growing because we have a huge number of ideas on how to improve the experience customers have. As a Senior Engineer, you will need to play a key role in turning those ideas into reality. You’ll need to:

  • Track the progress that you are making towards the wider goals of your team, and transparently communicate that progress to your team and Technology Manager.
  • Keep to the processes, standards, and designs that your team has agreed.
  • Ensure you and others continuously improve by proposing and then implementing new processes, designs and engineering practices that make your team more effective.
  • Contribute to the definition of product features, including workshops with other product development teams.
  • Communicate the technical work of your team to other product development teams
  • Take responsibility for supporting your changes all the way through to prove that they work well – and continue to work well – in production.

If you are a Senior Developer, we also expect that you:

  • Will become a trusted technical authority and specialist in one or more technical areas of your team. You’ll be someone the rest of the team and your Technology Manager can turn to for engineering advice and guidance.
  • Collaborate with other product development teams and use their feedback as a basis for improvements.
  • Write a technically sound, clean, maintainable code – with the practical application of established patterns and practices.



  • 4+ years of UI development experience
  • Experience working with HTML5, CSS3 and BEM-like conventions
  • Experience with Vue (Preferable) / React / Angular
  • Experience with Redux, Vuex or another Flux / state-management solution.
  • Write high-performance, reusable code for UI components
  • Experience with Sass, Less and/or CSS Modules
  • Experience with Webpack
  • Ability to debug API responses
  • Experience with testing frameworks (cypress, mocha, jest, …)
  • Experience working closely with designers, server-side engineers, and end-users to create intuitive user interfaces.
  • Strong eye for design and general usability principles
  • Understanding of distributed source control systems e.g. Git
  • Experience optimizing application development for high speed, scalability, security
  • History of successful remote collaboration
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken
  • BA/BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent education



  • Familiarity with a range of Agile software delivery practices (Scrum, Kanban, Lean)
  • Familiar with TypeScript
  • Familiar/involved with open source projects
  • You’re a wizard when it comes to browser DevTools and performance.
  • Test-driven – writing tests isn’t a chore for you.
  • Familiar with accessibility concepts
  • Experience building Progressive Web Applications
  • Experience with AngularJS and jQuery (Minimal support)

Show us what you got – nothing speaks louder or shows us more about you than showing us examples of your work.


What's in it for you

  • We’ll believe and trust in you and your abilities. So you and your team will have the authority to make the technical decisions you need to meet your responsibilities to the rest of the platform and company.
  • An environment in which good, evidence-based arguments are always listened to, and will win out.
  • Regular 1-to-1 meetings with your manager, with support and guidance to set and then meet personal career objectives.