Senior iOS Engineer for Yoopies

Kyiv, Amosova, Ukraine



On behalf of Yoopies, Ciklum is looking for Senior iOS Engineer to join the Kiev team on a full-time basis.

We’re looking for a Senior iOS developer who has a passion for creating world class products, to join our awesome mobile team. The opportunity to make a significant impact across the business.

You will be part of the Scrum Development team and work on our iOS native applications.

In this role, you’ll be a driving force in the engineering development of our mobile-first product UIs. You will take the lead on highly visible technical features, help your teammates to resolve complex problems, and work closely with Product & Design Teams.

Our technical stack

  • Our apps are entirely written in Swift 4 ( +Xcode 10)
  • Networking and integration with server-side APIs. We are currently switching from a REST API to a GraphQL API
  • Apollo, Alamofire, CocoaPod,, RxSwift, MVVM-C
  • AutoLayout
  • Framework oriented
  • Analytics tools such as Fabric, Google Analytics, Amplitude, etc.

Our Vision: Improving the well-being of people, from A to Z.
Our Mission: Make well-being affordable and accessible for the many not the few building trust not constraint.
Our Ambition: Become the European Leader of well-being, for individual as well as companies.

Who are the people that come to Yoopies to find a babysitter, book a Childminder, find someone to help their elders? What do they need? What can we do to make their experiences better? Our Technology department is revolutionising the way people interact together. Our team also collaborates with other internal departments to make sure our products and tech are tailor made from top insights and industry expertise.

Yoopies were founded in 2012 and recently raised 4M€ to build a more robust and senior organization. We did acquired findababysitter in the UK and want to continue our expansion across Europe. We are now established in 15 countries, helping people and companies to find well-being services. We also help professionals to find a job and provide a great experience to our consumers.

As there’s much to come like: launching new countries, extending our services to provide a 360 experience, launching a new B2B digital offer to revolutionize traditional-boring Employe Assistance Program, offering new care services; we continue to invest a lot in Technology.

Our Tech Team came from 15 to 30 persons in less than 8 months and we plan to recruit more and more. We have multi-disciplinary jobs in our great Technology team: Data, Design, Product, Developers, QA and Dev-Ops giving us the capacity and authority to quickly experiment our ideas. We are Customer Centric and our Customer Success Team is also based in our HQ in Paris (next to Tech). This is helping us in providing a top-notch customer experience on daily basis. We know what is a feedback-loop 🙂

Finally, we are an open-minded team of 70 with strong values, all going to the same direction. We work hard to make everyone feel comfortable, sharing ideas and trying out new things. We care about our Users and we care about our People


  • Product Definition – contributes to the definition of product features, getting involved in workshops with other engineering teams and Product Managers
  • Technical Ownership – consistently produces high quality and scalable software which fits the team’s expectations and best practices
  • Continuous improvement – ensures continuous improvements by proposing and implementing new processes, designs and engineering practices that make the team more effective
  • Tracking Progress – tracks the progress being made towards the wider goals of the team, and transparently communicates this with the team, our Mobile Lead and CTPO
  • As a Senior member, you’ll need to demonstrate the following principles:
  • No limits, just opportunities: Design and build great software, look
  • beyond the limits
  • Caring matters : Help, support, coach and empower your teammates
  • Faster, Better, Simpler: Move fast with confidence, Secure, Stable, Scalable, fast and reliable platform
  • Share everywhere: Share ideas, concept, information, pitch, stand
  • Build together: Empower your colleagues, build Trust, Keep control and offer Transparency
  • Work as a game: Scale efficiency in a great working atmosphere
  • Learn to learn: Stay in touch with the next technologies and trends


  • Curiosity and desire to learn new technologies
  • Product-oriented mindset and customer satisfaction as first objective
  • 5+ years of quality Swift/Objective c development experience
  • Have built an iOS app and shipped it to the App store
  • 3+ years experience with consuming external APIs
  • Knowledge and application of the iOS Architecture Components
  • Integrating with APIs
  • Knowledge of how and what to track user actions with analytics providers
  • Understand the benefits of modular application construction
  • Building responsive apps that support all the line-up of iOS devices (up to the iphone 5s)
  • Launching and supporting non-trivial apps in the App Store
  • Reviewing and merging your teams pull requests, after those automated tests have passed
  • Coming up with awesome ideas to implement in the app!
  • Unit testing skills a must
  • Functional testing skills a must


  • Working within an e-commerce business where reliability is critical
  • Knowledge of running A/B experiments on mobile and the A/B testing limitations on mobile
  • Mobile Payments
  • Knowledge of iOS in App Subscription Payment
  • Deal with iOS painfull release timeline (upload, validation by Apple…)

Personal skills

  • Like to care, help, train and coach others
  • Fluent in English
  • Good oral and written communication

What's in it for you

We’ll believe and trust in you and your abilities. So you and your team will have the
authority to make the technical decisions you need to meet your responsibilities to the rest of the platform and company.

  • The opportunity to become an authoritative voice within the engineering team of a successful and still fast growing company.
  • An environment in which good, evidence-based arguments are always listened to, and will win out. Pick your metric, set a hypothesis and prove it.
  • An open, innovative , friendly and fun environment; we have a relaxed dress code and regular social events.
  • Ability to open source code that you work on.
  • Open minded approach to development practices. We work asynchronously and use the tools we have effectively, keeping you in the zone for as long as possible.
  • All the hardware you need to get your job done.
  • The option to use open source code to solve problems. Do not reinvent the wheel.
  • A balance between adding product features and improving the code base . We hate technical debt.
  • Join a fast growing company with a lot of ambition.
  • This job opportunity is located in Kiev, Ukraine.