Senior JavaScript Developer for Casumo (Kyiv)





The story of Casumo
In 2012 we set out to create a great gaming experience. We quickly realised that success in building a new product was co-dependent on designing a dynamic work environment and creating a culture in which a great product could flourish. To this day, our product is a result of these synergies and it’s what makes us unique.

The Casumo brand
We believe that when people are entertained, they become happier. And that’s the basis upon which the Casumo brand was built. We want our players to be proud of playing at Casumo and to feel like part of a fun-loving community that shares the same passion for quirky humour and play. We believe in winning hearts instead of winning customers and it’s our brand that enables us to make that happen.

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On behalf of Casumo, Ciklum is looking for a Senior JavaScript Developer to join Kyiv team on a full-time basis.


At Casumo we strive to create the optimal developer experience. We believe every individual’s need and desires to be unique and let each developer be the main force for creating their best work environment. This includes being in control of your own schedule, tools, meetings and projects. As a frontend developer at Casumo you will work with an international, distributed and highly skilled team. We strongly value team spirit and a respectful environment. A humble and open mindset is key to reach higher aims.

At Casumo there are many technologies and projects to dig into. Here is a brief idea of what our days look like today

  • Development of JS webapps for mobile and desktop.
  • Native wrapper for mobile app in SWIFT.
  • Knockout, Durandal, RequireJS, Lodash, Moment, Greensock, jQuery, Bluebird.
  • Continuous Integration, you deploy when you are ready.
  • New Relic, Browserstack.
  • Selenium, Intern, Karma, Mocha, Chai, Sinon.
  • NPM, bower, gulp.
  • Jshint
  • SASS
  • Git, Github, Zenhub, Slack, Screenhero.
  • Vagrant
  • Bash, Python, CoffeeScript, Java, Scala.
  • Dedicated time for experiments, it can be new frameworks, ES6 or whatever rocks your boat.


You are a JS developer who has worked on a number of interesting and successful projects, where you have needed to collaborate but also driven the project forward yourself. You are an open minded, honest and a driven problem solver who is, not only hungry for more learnings, but also able to spread knowledge to others around you.

Does this sound like you?

  • Takes pride in the code they write and understands the importance of writing in a scalable and maintainable way.
  • Has a true interest that reaches beyond any course or education.
  • Eager to keep up to date with the latest JS developments and tools.
  • Loves that batman joke.
  • Independent and self motivated.
  • Can create positive changes, without losing friends over the existence of semi-colons.
  • Can work with backend developers to design awesome apis.
  • Excited to write in a declarative functional style.
  • Strong with TDD, Unit and Functional Testing in JavaScript.
  • A jolly good sentient being.

What's in it for you

  • Unique working environment where you communicate and work directly with client;
  • A challenging function, with a lot of responsibility in a unique dynamic environment;
  • Work with the latest technologies;
  • Work with skilled and professional team mates. Collaborating together to create awesome games served to tens of millions of players;
  • State of the art, cool, centrally located offices with warm atmosphere which creates really good working conditions;
  • Competitive salary.