Senior JavaScript (React Native) Developer for Ciklum Solutions

Kyiv, Amosova, Ukraine


We are a growing business line of Ciklum with currently 250 employees that delivers approximately 70 projects simultaneously. Our projects usually last for 3-12 months and our technological focus is mainly on web and mobile technologies. So, you’ll have the opportunity to get frequently in touch with new projects. Through direct knowledge exchange with international clients you are an important contributor in making them successful.

Our environment gives you the opportunity to share your professionalism to help team members grow and we support you with training and education in the areas where you want to develop.

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On behalf of Ciklum, Solutions JS Team, we are looking for a Senior JavaScript (React Native) Developer to join Kyiv team on a full-time basis.

An exciting and unique opportunity to become a part of Agile team that develops highly interactive modern mobile applications using clean, modular JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.

We use best practices and create new solutions and approaches. Our passion is about programming, learning and sharing knowledge and experience. And to be on the cutting edge of technology.

We provide an expert vision for client requests using technology standards and best solutions. Working as an outsource team we build and develop our team to fit growing IT market requirements. We support long-term projects and fast start-ups. Considering bench opportunity we encourage our team to learn new technologies and apply them on a real projects.


  • Creating and maintaining modern mobile interfaces;
  • Contribute ideas through your knowledge of evolving front-end technologies;
  • Communicate with PM, developers, designers, business analyst, QA;
  • Working in distributed team in Agile environment;
  • Perform technical assessment of UI mockups/wireframes to ensure the possibility of their implementation within reasonable time;
  • Collaborating with the Client team;
  • Experience of agile software processes and technologies;
  • Strong English verbal and written communication skills;
  • Be a part to a positive and fun team environment.


  • Experience with commercial JavaScript development more than 4 years;
  • 2+ years of React Native development;
  • Experience with new ECMAScript standard features;
  • Experience with modern frameworks / libraries for SPAs (React);
  • Experience with Flux architecture (Redux implementation) and performance practices;
  • Experience with configure & build mobile app via XCode and Android Studio;
  • Experience in API design, SDK architecture, and mobile software lifecycle development practices;
  • Deep understanding of Android and iOS ecosystem;
  • Experience with unit and integration testing and test libraries such as Mocha / Chai / Enzyme;
  • Experience with CSS-in-JS;
  • Experience with build tooling such as Webpack / npm scripts / transpilers(Babel);
  • You know how React Native works and key concepts – event flow, navigation and animation;
  • You know how functional programming works, OOP not just three letters for you;
  • You know how to create modular and testable code.


  • Familiar with GIT;
  • Familiar with React Native performance;
  • Native Android app development and iOS experience is a huge plus;
  • Familiar with UX concepts such as Information Architecture;
  • Familiar with task tracking tool such as JIRA / Confluence;
  • Familiar with Node.js concepts – event loop, cluster, memory management, libuv etc.
  • Familiar with Node.js and frameworks available for it such as Express.

Personal skills

  • Diligent, responsible, communicative, proactive;
  • Strong & clear communication skills;
  • Good team player.

What's in it for you

The project is a Hybrid application which allow user to watch different types of TV (Live, Replay, Recording) on the following platforms: Android (phone and tablet version) and Android TV (interaction with Android TV Box)

The client is Agile oriented, it means that we are following all Agile activities and implement releasable product by the end of the each sprint. In the future we will implement the same functionality for different platforms (Samsung TV, etc)

A new team member will have a good chance to apply his knowledge and capacity since the project will be implemented from scratch.