Senior JS (Angular) Developer for Ciklum Client

Kyiv, Amosova, Ukraine


Ciklum is a top-five global Software Engineering and Solutions Company. Our 3,000+ IT professionals are located in the offices and delivery centres in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Spain.

As Ciklum employee, you'll have the unique possibility to communicate directly with the client when working in Extended Teams. Besides, Ciklum is the place to make your tech ideas tangible. The Vital Signs Monitor for the Children’s Cardiac Center as well as Smart Defibrillator, the winner of the US IoT World Hackathon, are among the cool things Ciklumers have developed.

Ciklum is a technology partner for Google, Intel, Micron, and hundreds of world-known companies. We are looking forward to seeing you as a part of our team!

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On behalf of Ciklum Client (Engineering JS Team), we are looking for a strong Developer to join our team in Kyiv on full-time basis.

An exciting and unique opportunity to become a part of Agile team that develops modern hi-tech web applications. We use best practices and create new solutions and approaches. Our passion is about programming, learning and sharing knowledge and experience. And to be on the cutting edge of technology.

We provide an expert vision for client requests using technology standards and best solutions. Working as an outsource team we build and develop our team to fit growing IT market requirements. We support long-term projects and fast start-ups. Considering bench opportunity we encourage our team to learn new technologies and apply them on a real projects.

Project description:

US based client.

The objective of this project is to create a new functionality inside already existing software application, making legal work (immigration) process smoother for it’s clients.

Working with SCRUM methodology, 2 week Sprints, with all canonical ceremonies in place.

Web based business application, build mostly on Microsoft technologies

  1. AngularJS,with long term plan to move to React.
  2. HTML, CSS, CoreJs.
  3. REST API and the business logic on backend.


  • Create and maintain modern interfaces;
  • Contribute ideas through your knowledge of evolving front-end technologies;
  • Communicate with developers, designers and customers;
  • Perform technical assessment of UI mockups/wireframes to ensure the possibility of their implementation within reasonable time;
  • Start new projects & implement/support code quality standards;
  • Innovate/support new approaches and improve development processes & tools;
  • Be a part of a positive and fun team environment.


You can name examples of use in different contexts. Are guided by best-practices and specifications of such skills:

  • HTML (Semantics, Layout, DOM (repaint/reflow/etc), Mobile);
  • CSS2 / CSS3 (Preprocessors, Browsers support, Methodologies (BEM/CSS-in-JS));
  • JavaScript (ECMAScript specs, DOM, BOM, V8, Web APIs, Performance, Security, SPA, Dev Tools);
  • TypeScript;
  • Angular:
    • Components;
    • Routing;
    • Services;
    • State management;
    • Forms;
    • Testing;
    • Performance.
  • RxJS;
  • Application state management (Ngrx/Redux/Flux);
  • Webpack / Babel;
  • Quality tools (input/output complexity);
  • Git;
  • Branching strategy (gitflow, trunk based development);
  • Paradigm/Principles (OOP, SOLID, FRP);
  • Architecture & Enterprise patterns:
    • Software architectures (Monolithic Architecture & Microservices);
    • Design patterns (Flux / Redux, MVC, MVVM, Inversion of Control);
    • GoF Patterns (Creational, Structural, Behavioral);
  • Testing approaches (TDD, BDD, Test doubles);
  • Testing types (Unit, Integrational, Functional);
  • Network protocols (HTTP);
  • Conventions (REST);
  • Auth (oAuth2/Custom Auth, JWT);
  • English – Intermediate.


You should have an idea of the subject and its parts. Can explain. Has experience of use of such skills:

  • Diagrams notations (Component Diagrams, Use Case, Sequence, Flow Diagram);
  • ReactJS/ Vue / etc;
  • Gulp;
  • Sonar;
  • Docker;
  • GitlabCI.

Personal skills

  • Diligent, responsible, communicative, proactive;
  • Strong & clear communication skills;
  • Good team player;
  • Willing to improve professional knowledge.

What's in it for you

  • Unique working environment where you communicate and work directly with client;
  • Variety of knowledge sharing, training and self-development opportunities;
  • Competitive salary;
  • State of the art, cool, centrally located offices with warm atmosphere which creates really good working conditions.