Senior Product Owner for e-Boks (Lviv)

Lviv, Ukraine


Danish digital mail service e-Boks offers companies, public authorities and private individuals an efficient, secure and user-friendly platform for digital dialogue, dispatch and storage of important documents. The e-Boks platform also provides increased security and a number of important environmental benefits.

Our mission at e-Boks is to contribute to streamlining the public sector and private companies by means of secure and efficient management of digital documents and associated features that create real value.

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On behalf of the Danish company e-Boks, Ciklum is looking for a Senior Product Owner to join their well-established agile development teams in Lviv on a full-time basis. e-Boks is currently expanding its system with new functionality as well as introducing their services in new countries. Currently, e-Boks makes use of several Scrum-teams but with the increased number of features to the systems, additional highly skilled people are required.

This is an exciting and unique opportunity to become part of the team and to further develop the e-Boks ultra-high load system which serves thousands of customers and millions of users every single day. This must be done without compromising the high level of security and stability such system demands.


As a Senior Product Owner, you will take part in developing the e-Boks solution within the agile self-driven team together with Developers, QAs and the Scrum Master. The team and the Product Owner have the full responsibility for delivering high-quality products on time. Your responsibility is to deliver high quality epics, stories and requirements according to the specified features allowing the team to consider topics such as testability, scalability and security. Since you are part of an agile team, process evaluation and adjustments will also be part of your regular activities. As you are at a senior-level, it is also expected that you will take the lead when necessary and coach junior and mid-level staff to improve their skills.


  • When working for e-Boks, we have expectations towards your technical competencies as well as your
    personal abilities – and we expect that you will grow in both areas during your employment.
  • We expect you to have experience with or knowledge about the following topics:
  • Being a dedicated Product Owner for a technical complex product (at least 5 years of professional
  • Ensuring that the backlog for an agile development team is always full and prioritised.
  • Developing epics and user stories and detailed requirements together with the team from
    prioritised features.
  • Owning the decision right regarding functionality and priority for the team.
  • Collaboration with other agile development teams to drive and execute business priorities.
  • Providing analysis and updates to stakeholders at all levels including the Chief Product Owner,
  • Product Managers and Project Managers.
  • Agile development methodologies
  •  Ability to combine business understanding with technical knowledge

Personal skills

On personal abilities, we expect that you are:

  • skilled in understanding complex relations and breaking them down to useful tasks in a structured
  • team-oriented and thrive in working with a self-driven team.
  • skilled in coaching others and taking the lead when necessary.
  • experienced in following standards and well-defined practices with your team and corporate based
    workflows as well as suggesting improvements to these.
  • committed to deliver on-time with the required quality as well as detailed well-organised
  • good in communication in general, both within your team but also towards the other development
    teams and the rest of e-Boks.

On top of this, you should have an upper-intermediate level of English as well as a relevant university level degree or equivalent.

What's in it for you

Quite a lot! You will be:

  • working with one of the coolest development and test teams in Lviv.
  • appreciated for your skills and hard work. Both by Ciklum and by e-Boks directly. You will feel like an e-Boks employee.
  • learning to apply the latest in technology in complex systems under strict security requirements.

Furthermore, you will have:

  • a competitive salary.
  • long-term employment with 20 working-days paid vacation and other social benefits.
  • a state-of-the-art cool office with a warm atmosphere that creates great working conditions such as access to fruits etc.