Senior QA Engineer for EVRYTHNG

Minsk, Belarus


EVRYTHNG is the Internet of Things Smart Products Platform that connects any consumer product to the Web, and manages real-time data to drive applications. The world’s leading consumer product manufacturers work with EVRYTHNG to manage billions of intelligent online identities in the cloud for their products, deliver real-time interactive experiences and support services to consumers, and connect with the ecosystem of other applications and products in their digital lives.

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Ciklum is looking for a Senior QA Engineer to join EVRYTHNG ( project in Minsk on a full-time basis.


Job purpose:

EVRYTHNG is looking for QA Automation Engineer to work within the software development on our highly scalable award winning IoT platform.

As EVRYTHNG QA engineer, you be required to pair with developers to test IoT platform end to end, at the user acceptance level and at a code level, both manually (exploratory) and with automated tools. You will be expected to do functional and non-functional testing. A critical part of the role will consist of helping the team to define and get clarity around the acceptance criteria and getting stories to a definition of ready status. You will also be responsible for collaborating with team members to get the stories to definition of done.


As a QA engineer you will be responsible for testing all EVRYTHNG products (Frontend, Backend, SDK’s, Mobile products) to reveal quality and risk related information with the intent of informing a decision. You will also contribute to the creation of test strategies and the diagnostic of complex issues.

  • Works closely with the PO to understand and provide feedback on the gaps/anomalies on functional requirements and acceptance criteria to ensure quality is built into the product
  • Ensure stories reach the definition of ready and testability and testing issues are discussed during product backlog grooming and sprint planning
  • Proactively learn and apply modern testing principles
  • Get stories to the definition of done by either leading testing, pair testing with developers or reviewing testing that developers have performed
  • Can tell the testing story, explain risks found during the testing, and the impact assessment of these risks to technical & non-technical stakeholders
  • Supports the development of standards/tools/techniques for Automated Testing
  • Employs automated testing techniques, particularly to support regression testing across all product platforms
  • Contributes to the ‘Testing in Production’ engineering strategy
  • Extensively use production data to determine the quality of the product and identify risks in the product
  • Works closely with the scrum team, particularly Dev Ops and the Developers to ensure that quality code can be released into live on a regular cycle
  • Keep up to date with the evolution of the testing industry
  • Takes part in the QA chapter and adds valuable input


The successful candidate would have to possess the majority of the following experience:

  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent combination of technical education and work experience
  • Strong knowledge of QA methodology e.g test design and test techniques. either from BBST courses or ISTQB. (certification itself is not requirement but the ability to demonstrate strong knowledge of software testing is)
  • Knowledge of a programming language and basic programming concepts, preferably either in Java or JavaScript
  • Experience with RESTful Web Services and API Testing using tools such as POSTMAN or something equivalent
  • Experience with doing performance testing using JMeter/Gatling and or something similar
  • Experience with NoSQL databases and doing basic queries
  • Understanding of how to help teams implement tests at the right level of the pyramid
  • Experience of using Git and GitHub
  • Experience of looking at production data to determine quality or find issues. Similar tools such as LogEntries, Pingdom, AWS cloud watch would be preferably
  • Strong at bug management and writing good bug reports. However, prefers post-it notes and communication to get bugs fixed asap
  • Excellent communication, especially in terms of making change across multiple teams
  • Internet of Things – Production or as a hobbyist

What's in it for you

  • Employment under the law of the Republic of Belarus
  • Great team
  • State of the art, cool, centrally located office with warm atmosphere which creates good working conditions
  • Your opinion matters
  • You can improve product, processes and tools
  • Competitive salary