Web Developer for Motorway

Kyiv, Amosova, Ukraine



On behalf of Motorway, Ciklum is looking for Web Developer to join Kyiv team on full-time basis.

This role is based in our fourteen strong product development team where you will develop major features and new products in our roadmap. It’s an opportunity to join a fast-growing startup in the early stages, build amazing products with a high degree of influence, and change an industry.

About Client:

Motorway is reinventing how cars are bought and sold online. Our mission is to bring the car industry into the future through ground-breaking products and best in class technology. Founded in 2017 we are growing rapidly and power thousands of vehicle transactions every month.

Our key products are:  

  • The first comparison website for selling your car (motorway.co.uk), enabling sellers to compare multiple real time offers from car buying companies and sell their car in 24 hours. This is a high scale web application with 350,000 users per month. An online marketplace for used cars (pro.motorway.co.uk) where professional dealers can search, view and bid on vehicles for sale. This is a brand new product with an aggressive roadmap to develop into a full B2B SaaS tool.
  • The technical platform that manages vehicle, seller and buyer data and powers our user facing web apps. The platform deals with large volumes of data and interfaces with dozens of third party APIs and services. We operate a Javascript monostack, using the latest JS features heavily. We use PostgreSQL with the Sequelize ORM and Redis databases. We are currently deployed on Heroku using a microservices architecture. Our team uses Git flow on Github, and we have an agile development process. ​Designs are done in Sketch, then exported to Zeplin, for markup we use React + modular Less/Sass. To ensure consistency we use our own component library with Storybook integration to deliver this across projects.
  • We strive to use the latest technology available to us, for example ‘getUserMedia’ to access a device’s camera to take photos in combination with the latest video codecs to provide seamless integration between the two in our Photos App. It also leverages web workers for performance, IndexedDB and Service Workers for offline support among other cutting edge technologies.


This is a varied role, where you can work on everything from building new features using the latest technologies and standards across all disciplines. Below is a typical example of scoping and building a feature.

  • Scoping meetings with design and stakeholders to outline the feature. This would include offering advice on the technical implementation, such as what browser APIs we can leverage (the newer the better!), what technical hurdles we might run into and to offer UI/UX suggestions.
  • While the design is being worked on you can be working on a MVP of the product. This can involve the development of any relevant APIs in node if that interests you, but not a requirement.
  • When the design is done it is handed over to you via Sketch/Zeplin.
  • If this feature is to be used across multiple platforms, we have a component library to standardise these. This will involve creating a React/SASS component in a Storybook environment.
  • When developing a feature you will own that feature, from the initial build to shipping. This will involve building the front end business logic and implementing the design and functionality. This will leverage your understanding of concepts of usability such as a11y and other common UI patterns.
  • Key importance is having a keen understanding of the browser environment and end user experience. This will involve:

          Progressive enhancement

  • Knowing which browser APIs are available such as Intersection Observers for example and the support matrix for them.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest CSS features such as CSS grid for example and the support matrix for them.
  • Internal tools and our photos app only support the latest browsers so we can experiment with the latest technologies to ensure the team is always learning and growing as developers.


  • Most of traffic comes from SERPs and page speed is an important indicator for Google and we want to offer our users the best experience so we stick to very strict performance budgets which include page load timings and page weight among others.
  • We aim to offer an app like experience on the web and this involves making the UI run at a constant 60fps with smooth animations and transitions, this involves multiple things such as benchmarking, ensuring re-renders are kept to a minimum etc.


  • Our branding was designed by the same company that did AirBnB’s current logo and we’re very proud of it. As such we take attention to detail very seriously and the products we ship match the designs with super accuracy, as such a keen eye for things like margins, padding, colours etc would be very beneficial.

You’ll perform this role across all our products including:

  • Our customer-facing seller website at motorway.co.uk (an isomorphic React app) and our B2B product (pro.motorway.co.uk) as well as internal tools
  • Our internal app, Dashboard, where the Motorway team access customer and vehicle data and report on performance
  • Our collection of microservices (node.js with Express and Sequelize) that power our user-facing applications through RESTful APIs
  • Internal tools, we use internal tools to experiment with technologies that might not be production ready to keep our skills up to date. We will also do team days to work on quality of life improvements, such as to streamline the development process or major upgrades.


  • Experience working with designers and implementing amazing user experiences. A firm grasp of the intricacies of HTML & CSS, particularly aware of standards and newer features such as CSS Grid but with knowledge of browser compatibility. Some Javascript and React knowledge would be beneficial.
  • Experience working with version control (we use Git and GitHub), automated testing and continuous integration
  • Experience of agile software development practices and working collaboratively in a team environment
  • A passion for technology and software, demonstrated by personal projects, blog posts or contributions to open source projects
  • A degree or college-level education in computer science, technology, or another  web or design-related subject is a plus

What's in it for you

  • A competitive salary and equity package
  • Enhanced Maternity/Paternity leave
  • Discounted Calm membership
  • The chance to join a rapidly growing, revenue-generating startup
  • The chance to work with the latest and greatest web technologies, free from legacy systems and red tape
  • Fast career progression and the ability to develop your skills and experience quickly
  • The opportunity to build products that have real impact and will change an industry
  • Regular social events
  • A generous options package