ciklum offices: ukraine

Ciklum Kyiv Office

Kyiv City currently hosts the largest Ciklum community among all our locations. More than 1600 developers work in two large office centers, both offering the same level of comfort and functionality.
Our Gulliver office is the second highest building in the country and located in the very heart of Kyiv’s downtown. It has opened its doors in March 2014 and you will surely note its fresh and inviting working atmosphere. From the very beginning, this location was designed to express the essence of Ciklum’s business style and vision.
“Ciklum Tower” at Horizon Park Business Center serves as headquarters for the Ciklum Group. What it has to offer? Class A building, several cafeterias, unique Sky Point place for internal meet-ups and external events. In addition, an unimaginable view on the whole city!