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Number of employees


Join an atmosphere of Openness, Empowerment and Trust

Core model based on partnership

You will have direct contact with clients, participate in decision making, and have visibility of results

Real value creation

Your impact and contribution will be recognized

Transparent processes and flat management

You will be working in an environment where integrity and transparency are the core principles

Talent enhancement

You will have an opportunity to enhance your expertise by working with international colleagues and participating in knowledge sharing community

Ciklum values

Our company values govern how we behave and make decisions. Our values are part of Ciklum’s DNA. They define what our organization stands for, highlighting an expected and ultimate set of behaviors and skills. Ciklum values lie at the core of our culture. Our values are fundamental, enduring, and actionable.

Ciklum values - our EPICID

  • Excellence
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Diversity

Core model based on partnership

Ciklum has pioneered a business model where employees have direct communication with clients and are equal to onshore colleagues and affect the product and business approaches of our clients. This results in opportunities to impact various decisions and develop trust, transparency, freedom and responsibility.

Talent Enhancement

We build collaborative Ciklum Communities of IT experts shaped by our clients, employees and partners with an easily accessible online and offline network of like-minded people. Our general ethos is to facilitate self-driven peer-to-peer learning environment that suit employees in a very diverse and fast changing IT world.

The force behind this is 3,500+ IT specialists within Ciklum and 250+ clients in our partner network. This forms an extensive network for knowledge upgrade and sharing. Ciklum’s size and unique model of cooperation with clients running numerous near-shore teams provides a very good basis for active knowledge-sharing. We run dozens of events of different scale and format across Ciklum locations monthly open both to Ciklumers and to outside world.

Ciklum Speakers Corners

Speakers Corner is a platform for presentation on various IT related topics; from Scrum implementation and mainstream technologies to different practices implemented in specific teams and projects, latest trends in IT, new technologies and management tools.

IT Community meetups

We support various non-commercial events aimed at increasing expertise of our IT talent. With comfortable office facilities in all our locations, we keep our doors open to host numerous IT Community meetups.

IC Agile and SAF certification classes

Ciklum certified trainers run both internal and public IC Agile and SAF certification classes on a regular basis with the aim of helping everyone understand Agile, a mindset based on superior values and principles and to give the full picture of when, why and how Agile methods work better than traditional and ad-hoc approaches.

Ciklum PM Education Program

is aimed at strengthening Project Managers’ skills in leadership, communication, negotiations, client interactions, business processes and delivery management.

Ciklum Community

In Ciklum, we create an environment and atmosphere that stimulates not only professional and also personal growth

All these remarkable social activities are originally initiated by Ciklumers

Everything is designed for your initiatives to grow up from an idea to a smooth realization within the community

We have a wide range of social events and initiatives such as travel clubs, board games gatherings, movie nights, and cross-company sport competitions.

We promote healthy lifestyles through various athletic activities and sport teams, that participate in marathons, bike days, and numerous tournaments.

Our events