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  • Diversity and inclusion

    and inclusion

    We value inclusivity and celebrate the power that comes with diversity within our global organisation

  • Employee welfare


    We stove to create a workplace that prioritises the needs of our team members and allows them to be their true selves

  • DEI

    Having talented Ciklumers with different experiences, cultures, and backgrounds helps us innovate and create the best products for our international clients.

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  • CSR

    Our values define how we work, communicate and navigate towards extraordinary results in business projects, social activity or team interaction.

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  • Education and training

    and training

    We are dedicated to developing the skills of our people and empowering them to reach their full potential

We are standing for the code-life balance

At Ciklum, we believe in a holistic approach to work. We are sure that effective work involves inspiring knowledge-sharing, fostering cross-cultural gatherings, and of course quality resting time. But don't just take our word for it. Let's hear from the Ciklumers themselves:

Strong teams who stand for each other

Being part of this organisation feels like a close-knit family. When we face a challenging project deadline, our team is always rallying together and offering support. It's amazing to witness how we genuinely have each other's backs.

Padmavathy Karuvadi
Padmavathy Karuvadi
Senior Manual QA Engineer

Communities to exchange the knowledge

No man is an island, even if he's a skilful developer ;) At Ciklum, we nurture the culture of professional communities. For instance, our Java community group is a great place to get together to discuss the latest Tech news, share some resources, and troubleshoot issues we have on our projects

Lucian Gruia
Lucian Gruia
Principal Technology Lead

Work hard - play hard - team buildings

I believe in striking a balance between work and enjoying time together as a team. Recently, we had a team-building activity where we engaged in the “treasure hunting” challenge. It tested our collaboration skills and created a fun and memorable experience that strengthened our bonds beyond the workplace

Manuel Alberto Hernando Ruiz
Manuel Alberto Hernando Ruiz
Expert .NET Software Engineer

Mature professionals

I’m delighted to work alongside professionals. In my project, I have utterly skillful colleagues with whom I can brainstorm and discuss any issues. Having their guidance and expertise has helped me grow professionally

Aleksandra Golonka
Aleksandra Golonka
Middle RPA Engineer

Global Projects

I always wanted to work on international projects with interesting people, and at Ciklum WE, I have found precisely that. I have great colleagues with whom I enjoy spending time, even outside work. Moreover, we are engaged in various projects spanning multiple industries. While cooperating with clients, we solve exciting challenges and aim to push for a modern tech stack.

Jiri Leinveber
Jiri Leinveber
Team Lead

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