Founded in 2010, Aiia is a personal finance-buddy that nudges financial awareness in a smart and simple way. Set to expand to the rest of the Nordics in 2019, Aiia currently has more than 320.000 users in Denmark and Norway. A part of our journey was to automate our data retrieval process by connecting straight to the APIs of the banks.

A lot of things changed for the company 2018. An EU directive called PSD2 required all banks to open up their APIs. We realized the demand for a connection similar to the one we had created had increased. We carved out our solution and created a new product; Nordic API Gateway, which enables others to innovate on top of bank data, exactly like we did with Aiia.

Facts about Aiia

  • A fast-moving FinTech. We currently have more than 320.000 Aiia users in Denmark and Norway. We strive to reach 750.000 app users in 2019 and we aim to become the leading PSD2 infrastructure in Europe with Nordic API Gateway.
  • You’ll join Aiia at a super exciting time. We have the agility of a startup but the funding of a scaleup.
  • You’ll join a team of fun and clever geeks that are building the future of finance.
  • Your code will influence thousands of people.