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Billy delivers the best cloud-based SaaS accounting software in Denmark, with a user base of 18.000+ active users. The vision is to make it dead easy for small business owners to do their own accounting. We believe that we stand apart from our competitors by having cool technology combined with crisp user interface design and we take big pride in that. We have seen a massive growth in the ten years Billy has existed, which is why we are now looking for a new member to join our team. We have lots of exciting work ahead of us!

We are a well-established company, but we still take pride in our startup spirit, fast decision-making, low-bureaucracy, lightweight processes, quality of code and hitting deadlines.

Billy is built as a microservice-oriented architecture. The back-end exposes a single REST API (which is the same API our main webapp is using). Most of the services run Node.js and PHP. Our main webapp ( when you are logged in) is currently an Ember.js application, but we are in the process of moving this to ReactJS and ultimately deprecate Ember. The app is fairly large as there is a lot of functionality to cover in an accounting app, so developing new features, maintaining and migrating to ReactJS poses a lot of interesting challenges and requires clever and solid long-term solutions. UX and design is a first-class citizen, which we do not compromise with.

We currently have unit-test and integration tests for some parts of the codebase and are working on extending the coverage. We don’t have UI automated tests, but we would like to. Our current QA process is fairly ad-hoc, so we want someone to help us improve that too.

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