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Danish digital mail service e-Boks offers companies, public authorities and private individuals an efficient, secure and user-friendly platform for digital dialogue, dispatch and storage of important documents. The e-Boks platform also provides increased security and a number of important environmental benefits.

Our mission at e-Boks is to contribute to streamlining the public sector and private companies by means of secure and efficient management of digital documents and associated features that create real value.

Facts about e-Boks

  • Well-established Agile Development and Test Team
  • Developing and maintaining ultra-high load/scalability (100s of thousands concurrent connections), security and reliability middleware and web applications
  • Focus on a BDD (Behavior Driven Development) which effectively reduces the backflow in the development phase and has an internal requirement, that the source code, as far as possible, is developed in a way so that it can easily be tested using automated scripts