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Formpipe is a leading developer of ECM-software and Information Quality Management and eQMS software solutions with thousands of customers worldwide. Our software enables organizations to capture, process, store, archive, and supply information in a systemized and controlled manner. All our products enjoy strong positions and are used by companies and authorities all around the world.
Our flexible and scalable products assist our customers in working efficiently with compliance, control and flexibility in e.g. Document Management, Deviation Management, Quality Process Management, Input/output Management, and more. Lower costs, minimized risk exposure, reduced lead times, and improved quality control are proven benefits from using our products.

Facts about Formpipe Acadre

  • Complete document management solution that provides support through the entire work, from the time a case is created until it is time for the completion and filing
  • Based on a client-matter structure with immediate access to all documentation relating to a matter or client. When all documents are classified according to predefined templates makes it quick and easy to both store and re-search documents - no matter who saved them. Automatic version control and jurisdiction, as with simplicity can be set centrally, ensuring that the right information is always available for the right person at the right time without adding unnecessary elements to the user
  • Handles all types of digital documents, including e-mail messages and picture files, and can, for a complete information overview, also linking information Wikis, people, calendar and Web pages to your case. Contentworker also provides a wide range of services for digitization and import of paper documents