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Jetshop  is a strategic e-commerce partner, passionate for your success.

Jetshop is an innovative technology, strategy and knowledge partner that strives for your success in all channels. We deliver an e-commerce platform in the cloud that gives you the best possible solutions for successful omnichannel retaliation and cross-border commerce. Jetshop plays an active role in developing your business online to achieve your goals, wherever they are. With us, become and stay ONE STEP AHEAD.

With about 55 employees and more than 1,000 customers, Jetshop helps its customers succeed thanks to their overall approach to e-commerce solutions. The company’s headquarters is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Facts about Jetshop

  • At Jetshop all development work takes place based on a team and customer focus. E-commerce platform is built on C # ASP.NET with SQL database. Other parts of the technical environment include Git, MVC5, Bamboo, .Net core, Entity Framework, Dapper and AutoFac
  • The development is through Agile methods with release 1-2 weeks. With a main focus on web development and e-commerce, Jetshop expands from principles such as polymorphism, generic but readable code and scalable web applications