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Justt is Denmark’s largest purchasing community-serving businesses. We are experts in negotiating the best prices and terms for every purchase, ranging from office supplies and fuel to insurance products and electricity supply agreements. By helping thousands of member companies save time, money and effort on everyday administrative purchases, we free up extra resources for them to manage their respective businesses.


Facts about Justt

  • Justt helps small and medium-sized businesses save a lot of time and money on purchasing goods and services for their daily operations - from office supplies to coffee and car rental. Through our online purchasing portal my.justt.com, our members have easy access to purchase from our many suppliers and a unique overview of their historical purchases.
  • Suppliers benefit significantly from the Justt cooperation by way of accessing small and medium sized enterprises in “bulk” via one entry point. Negotiating with one counterparty, Justt, allows suppliers to achieve scale and save time that otherwise would have been spent negotiating individual terms and conditions with small customers.
  • Our ambitions are big. We want to help as many companies as possible to save money and time – and to achieve this we will create a State-of-the-Art procurement platform that scales globally and, based heavily on data analytics and AI, provides a vibrant and most relevant experience to our members.
  • We do not want to invent the wheel, so our approach is to cherry-pick components and services that can help us on the way. To integrate easily with others, our platform must consist of an ecosystem of containerized Microservices.
  • We have been around for a whole lot of years and are a successful driven business that has been through a digitization phase. Now, we want to accelerate attract, convert, activate and engage members both nationally and internationally. It is extremely exciting, instructive and not least fun.