Kyiv, Gulliver


Open positions

StartApp – 7 years old but still rapidly growing company based in NYC with offices in Israel, China and Kiev. Our company provides Mobile App developers a simple solution to monetize their applications. Allowing the developer to focus on what they do best develop amazing apps, leaving us to take care of the revenue stream. We are working with more than 300,000 apps from small to huge. We show ads to more than 400 million unique mobile users on monthly basis.

Facts about StartApp

  • StartApp strives to focus on these 3 core values:
  • Cooperation – the ability of our employees to collaborate is essential to brainstorming fresh ideas.
  • Professionalism - we may work in a relaxed, fun environment, but we still take our work very seriously.
  • Commitment – we fully commit to performing our best work to contribute to the company’s success.
  • Taking part in the innovation activity of the company.
  • You will be working in unique company culture that truly values the ideas and contributions of each & every team member