Tubular Labs


Kyiv, Gulliver | Lviv



Open positions

Tubular Labs is at the forefront of the digital video revolution. Tubular’s products ingest information about online videos across major social platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and make this information available via an intuitive and analytically insightful single-page web application and restful API, all while aiming to provide sub-second response times.

Every day, millions of new videos are uploaded across these social platforms. The upload and consumption rates of online video are growing exponentially over time. We’re looking for top-notch engineers to help us solve some of these challenging big data problems.


Our stack:

  • Python 3.7, Scala
  • ElasticSearch, MySQL, Redis, Spark + S3
  • Apache Kafka, Thrift, Consul
  • AWS, Terraform, Salt, Jenkins, Mesos/Kubernetes, Docker
  • Influx, ELK


Our values:

  • We believe in trust, transparency, and collaboration so we know our problems and working together on solving various challenges. We like sharing wins and open to learn from mistakes.
  • We measure success by customer satisfaction. By applying learn/adapt/advance principle we strive to provide smooth experience with unique video industry insights.
  • We love to learn and open to new ideas. We switched from Hadoop to S3, from Hive to Spark, from monolith to microservices, from RabbitMQ to Kafka. All these transitions (and others) came from engineer suggestions. Your ideas will likewise be heard.
  • We believe that online video industry is huge part of the future and what we do at Tubular is unique and contributing to the growth of the industry. Your contributions will enable us to accomplish this goal.


Facts about Tubular Labs

  • 5 billion videos monitored + real-time query engine on top of it. Tubular is the only company that measures all video content cross-platform, all-device, globally.
  • 10Tb ingested daily. Every day we discover millions of new videos and update hundreds of millions of already known ones.
  • 13M creators organized by platforms, properties, countries and many other attributes built in-house provide a unique opportunity to discover new talents and building leaderboards