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CN Group CZ a.s., organizačná zložka SK, Obchodná 2, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

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Empowering people

Mirka Buchtíková, Software Engineer I value people in a company because they inspire and support each other, cultivating an environment where learning and growth thrive. It's always lovely to see each other at team-building events.

Mirka Buchtíková
Mirka Buchtíková
Software Engineer

Open and friendly atmosphere

I like the atmosphere in the office: it’s open and sincere. I always find people I can rely on. Currently, I'm developing test boxes for automated tests of the customer's hardware devices, and I'm happy to have such professional teammates by my side.

Igor Jakubička
Igor Jakubička
Embedded Developer

People centric approach

The company's people-centric approach is what sets it apart. A strong sense of community among colleagues makes coming to work a pleasure. The upbeat company culture, mutual support and shared passion for success make this company a truly special place.

Filip Molnár
Filip Molnár
Scrum Master

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