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One company – one team

I believe the sense of community within the office makes Ciklum a great place to work. Everyone is always willing to offer their time for help or knowledge expansion. Striving towards the same goal empowers people to feel part of a team.

Phebe-Mae Hughes
Phebe-Mae Hughes
Associate Business Development Consultant

Great place to make the most of your skills

Working at Ciklum is a fantastic experience, defined by a culture that values individual contributions and fosters a sense of empowerment. Everyone at Ciklum has the opportunity to effect change, and the company thrives on the belief that every idea has the potential to shape our future. After all, we're creating the experiences of tomorrow and engineering them together.

Michael Coden
Michael Coden
Global Marketing Director

Global team of diverse cultures

What I enjoy most about working at Ciklum is being part of a global team of diverse cultures, perspectives, and talents. Collaborating with people in different specialisms each and every day enriches my own professional development and outlook on the world. The culture here prioritizes continuous improvement, encouraging us to think outside the box and to constantly innovate.

Katie Wrightson
Katie Wrightson
Global Head of Content & Digital & Design

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