Scamming Alert

Please be aware that our company’s name and logo may be used illicitly to commit internet scams.

    The scammers are commonly targeting people looking for a job, offering them a position, and conducting alleged interviews via Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp messengers, or by other means. Even if it is not your case, here are a few things to consider when deciding whether you are being scammed:

  • We only hire people for the vacancies listed on this website.
  • Check out the career opportunities in the selected location and make sure that the job offering is valid.
  • At the moment, Ciklum does not have Talent Acquisition Consultants based in the United States, or Oceania. All existing vacancies are being supported by our recruiters based in Europe, Latin America, and South Asia.
  • If someone is approaching you as a Talent Acquisition/Sourcing Consultant and stating that they are currently based in the United States or Oceania – this person has nothing to do with the Ciklum team.
  • All official communication is initiated via mail addresses ending at or LinkedIn profiles of our Talent Acquisition and Recruitment teams. Interviews can be conducted via Zoom, with accounts, or Google Meet.